Isn’t it annoying to see “out of order” written on gym equipment?

How to Maintain Gym Equipment?

Isn’t it annoying to see “out of order” written on gym equipment? Fitness gadgets require maintenance. If you do not do so regularly, they can result in complete malfunction or severe injuries. 


Whether you are a gym owner or you have a small home gym, you need to take proper care of your fitness equipment. Usually, there are two types of maintenance required,

  • Corrective maintenance 
  • Protective maintenance 

Let’s have a look at both of them. 

Corrective Maintenance

This type of sustenance requires correction, as the name suggests. In case of serious damage, you need to contact experts for corrective maintenance. 

You can call the manufacturers of that particular gym equipment or fitness repair services. If you are opting for the latter option, don’t waste your time scrolling through the lists of fitness repair services.

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Protective Maintenance

As the name shows, this provision is all about prevention. It includes some prophylactic measures to protect your gym equipment from any severe damage. 

Here are some tips for the protective maintenance of your gym equipment,

  • Properly clean your fitness equipment at regular intervals.
  • Use the fitness gadgets according to the manual instructions.
  • Lubricate the machines regularly.
  • Aware the users of their functions to avoid any mismanagement.
  • Inspect all bolts, cables, handles, weight stacks, and rods regularly.
  • Replace the belts of your fitness gadgets yearly.
  • Place proper placards around your fitness equipment.


Fitness gadgets require maintenance. Take care of your gym equipment through corrective and protective maintenance. The latter option is effortless. However, you should get corrective maintenance from a reliable service provider, such as Marin fitness repair is the best San Rafael fitness repair service