Treadmill Repair - What you need to know?

It’s very disappointing when you want to start or end your day with some cardio on your treadmill but your treadmill is not doing well and can’t keep up to your need. Your treadmill running belt can become sticky or slippery after some time or you might notice a louder new noise such as squeaking, scraping, ticking or knocking when using it.

Treadmills have two different belts: running belts and drive belts. Over time and with excessive use, these belts can get loosened and will need to be tensioned and aligned. If the belt stops or hesitates with every footfall, that can be due to a loosen belt. It’s important to inspect the treadmill properly to determine which belt needs to be tensioned, because you cause malfunctioning of the motor control board with over-tensioning either of the belts. You might need a new belt if the speed varies as you are running on your treadmill and if there is any hitching in the belt when you run your machine without getting on it.

Too much friction on the running belt can cause the belt to heat up and not run properly. Treadmills require lubrication to limit the amount of friction between the platform and belt. When the friction increases to a certain point, the machine is automatically set to power off. This may be the cause for the machine to stop working suddenly. 

Treadmills motors usually come with good enough warranties but sometimes motor recalibration or even replacement can be a necessity for your model if your motor burns out past that date. Treadmills that power on at a full speed often run into problems with failed circuits in which case the circuit or motor may need to be completely replaced by a professional.

Electronics malfunctions can happen if your treadmill suddenly stops or the control panel isn't turning on anymore. If you are sure about the battery life of your control panel or have no issue of crimped power cords, more complicated solutions like adjusting the wiring might be needed. Treadmills with a magnetic pickup on the flywheel will need a thorough examination, though it can be fixed easily with magnet replacement or circuit breaker reset.